Essential Energy

Your skin is trying to tell you something.

Your skin is losing its ability to respond to its moisturizer. It senses the damage, but needs the energy to activate it.

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ReNeura Technology™, inspired by neuroscience.

Reactiva los sensores de la piel para detectar y transmitir mejor las señales.


Named for its regenerative powers, this vitamin-packed plant is known to protect mitochondria from damage and boost energy efficiency of nerve cells to smoothly send signals.


A hint of rose and jasmine combines with fruity scents of pear, slightly sweet lime, and a wave of orange.


Essential Energy

"When I tried the Shiseido Essential Energy line, I was so in love because these products actually work. They really have made a big difference in transforming my skin."


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Arshia Moorjani, Youtube Beauty Guru

Choose your texture for deeply hydrated, glowing skin. Choose from a fresh lightweight gel, silky soft cream or daily protection cream.

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